Specializing in IT Security

Puma Technologies specializes in assisting small and midsize companies in securing their IT data. To begin improving data security, we start with understanding that not all data is created equal, and we work with our clients to identify the type of data they host, where it’s located, who has access to it, and the access controls in place. Although this seems simple, having someone to manage, document and test access can be challenging if you do not understand networking, monitoring, compliance, and security best practices. Let us partner with you to help secure your environment and help you feel more confident in the security of your data.

Providing Small Businesses a Virtual Option

Not every company requires a full-time security team or CISO, although most would like to have one, full-time security experts can be expensive. This is where Puma Technologies can provide security support and expertise at a cost which works within your company’s budget. All it takes is to schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current environment and identify a goal or goals in improving the security around your data. This also provides you with the flexibility to increase (or decrease) support depending on your business’ revenue.

IT Security Is An Ongoing Process

Security never ends, what is secure today can be insecure tomorrow. Compliance certifications also need to be reviewed yearly and new security projects are always being introduced or updated. We look at all our clients as part of our security team and work with them to keep on top of their security tools, projects, compliance audits and monitoring services. It can all seem overwhelming but having to work with security experts in the field can help you and your leadership team understand your company’s current security posture and understand its IT security maturity.